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A commitment to excellence.

GRA Maven is a veteran-owned and operated business. We are patriots and believe that those who protect our freedom and way of life should be provided with the absolute best-in-breed training available. Each GRA Maven team member has his or her own story of why giving back is so important. In order to contribute to the ongoing fight for freedom, we have committed to serving those brave individuals who continue to risk so much carrying the torch of liberty.

We make good on our promise by first understanding our clients’ backgrounds, mindsets, and abilities. We develop adaptive courses that accelerate on the fly due to our clients’ rapid learning curve. Second, we employ only world-class instructors who are undisputed experts in their fields. Our courses minimize classroom lecturing in favor of practical learning scenarios and maintain a small student-to-instructor ratio to maximize knowledge transfer.

Our mission is to provide world-class training to military, government, and law enforcement special operations personnel in the areas of rescue, mobility, and clandestine operations. Our clients are peerless, our instructors are experts in their fields, and the caliber of our training courses cannot be topped.”

-Kevin Chalker, Founder and CEO


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