“GRA Maven is a veteran-owned and operated business. Our consultants and advisors are drawn from Tier 1 military special operations units and intelligence agencies in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. We are experts in our respective fields and committed to providing the best-in-breed security solutions and training available for our clients.

We make good on our promise by first seeking to understand our clients’ backgrounds, mindsets, capabilities, and needs. Recognizing that each client is unique, we create bespoke solutions that directly address its existing requirements and anticipated challenges.

GRA Maven’s mission is to provide full-spectrum security consulting to government and corporate clients and world-class training to military, government, and law enforcement personnel in the areas of rescue, mobility, and clandestine operations. Our expertise is unquestionable; our people peerless.”

-Kevin Chalker, Founder


Kevin Chalker, Founder & CEO

After almost two decades of work in academia, government, and diplomacy, Kevin decided to channel his talent and energy into breaking new ground in the private sector. He crisscrosses the planet deepening GRA Maven’s strategic partnerships, maintaining client relations, and guiding overall business development. When not running at 110mph, he’s honing his technique in Brazilian jiu-jitsu or sitting in the bleachers at one of his sons’ little-league games.

Richard “Wally” Wannall, President

Wally served for 29 years in the US Army while assigned to Long-Range Surveillance, Special Forces, and Special Missions Units. As a senior leader in America’s most elite counterterrorism unit, he specialized in the execution of high-risk, complex operations in support of national security objectives. Wally leverages his deep expertise in defense and security to shape and execute on GRA Maven’s strategic vision and objectives.

Raymond “Ray” Whitaker, Director of Operations

Ray serves as GRA Maven’s Director of Operations and Commercial Security Director.  He is responsible for the day-to-day business operations of GRA Maven and ensures we provide peerless expertise across the entire company.  Before joining GRA Maven, Ray served for over 22 years in the United States Army and spent the last decade of his career inside of the Special Operations community as a Security expert.  Ray is currently finalizing his Master of Science in Information Security & Assurance from Norwich University.

Jeff Wolters, Senior Director, Domestic Training

Jeff recently transitioned to the private sector from a career of over two decades in the US Army where he served as a Special Operations leader.  His professional assignments included Counter Terrorism (CT) and contingency operations in support of US foreign policy objectives all over the globe. At GRA Maven his primary focus lies in creating the most realistic training available for our Domestic clients by applying proven methodologies and lessons learned from years in the nation’s most elite CT units.

Andrew “Drew” Sampson, Director of Support

Drew is the Director of Support for GRA Maven.  He is responsible for management and oversight of all logistics, contracting, personnel and facility operations for the Domestic, International and Security services provided by GRA Maven.  Additionally, he provides supply chain and logistics consulting services based on client needs. Before joining GRA Maven, Drew served for over 29 years in the United States Army where he was assigned to conventional, Special Operations and Special Mission Units.

David “Dai” Powell, Managing Director

Having served and led for 22 years in the British Special Forces, Dai has conducted overseas and domestic counterterrorism missions. He is an expert in clandestine operations, counterterrorism, countering weapons of mass destruction, and domestic security operations. Dai holds unique government cyber-defense experience, enabling him to integrate the capabilities of Global Risk Advisors’ cybersecurity business, GRA Quantum.

Robert Vaughan, Director of Training

Robert is a former Special Operations Forces senior noncommissioned officer with over 20 years of combat-tested leadership skills. Robert has a proven ability to manage multiple security projects, tasks, and priorities effectively and in a timely manner. He is highly skilled in building security teams, programs, and physical infrastructure.

Adrian “Aidey” Richards, Managing Director

Aidey’s proven leadership track record through 24 years in the British Special Forces is characterized by his specialist knowledge and operational experience in counterterrorism, clandestine operations, kidnap and ransom, CBRN, and cybersecurity. Trusted with the highest level of security access at governmental and international levels, Aidey’s extensive experience within sensitive inter-agency and multi-national environments is a direct result of his professional skill set. An efficient, result-oriented leader and manager, Aidey brings to GRA Maven consistent delivery of the highest quality solutions to demanding problems within pressurized timescales and environments.

Austin Wiese, Senior Associate of Finance

As the GRA Maven Senior Associate of Finance, Austin is responsible for the development of proposals, business activity forecasting, and financial data analysis that facilitates efficient and peerless business strategy across all departments internal to the company. Austin spent 10 years in the US Army as a Medical Evacuation “DUSTOFF” helicopter pilot with multiple deployments moving coalition and host nation forces to higher levels of care throughout the battlefield. Simultaneously, he served as an Operations Officer, refining skills in leadership, training development, project management, and quantitative analysis. He transitioned from the military to pursue his Masters of Business Administration through NC State and will complete the MBA program in July 2018 with certificates in Operations and Supply Chain Management, Decision Analytics and a focus area in Finance.

Robert “Rob” Harley, Senior Associate of Support

Rob serves as GRA Maven’s Facility Security Officer and Office Manager. He oversees all security associated with the facility, daily administration operations, and forecasting all support requirements. Before joining GRA Maven, Rob served for over 20 years in the United States Army and spent three-quarters of his career inside of the Special Operations community as a Parachute Rigger.

Jonathan Hilliard, Senior Associate of Support

Jonathan served 24 years in the U.S. Army finishing as the most senior enlisted Ammunition Specialist in Army special operations; 18 of those years were in Special Mission Units and Joint Special Operations Command. He serves as the project manager and exercise support specialist for all domestic clients. Jonathan graduated from Liberty University with a BS in Business and is currently pursuing his Project Management Professional certification.

Matthew Hogan, Senior Associate, Logistician

Matt serves as GRA Maven’s Senior Associate of Logistics. He is responsible for all logistic related matters to include event coordination and support, equipment procurement and supply chain management. Matt primarily facilitates international training events but also contributes to nearly all operations internal to the organization. Before joining GRA Maven, Matt served over 20 years in the United States Army with a third of his career spent inside the Special Operations Community as a Senior Logistician.

Ellen McGuffog, Senior Operations Associate

Elly serves as GRA Maven’s Operations Manager for marketing and content generation. She coordinates all research, design, and branding of GRA Maven’s government and corporate service offerings. Before joining GRA Maven, Elly graduated from Columbia University where she studied psychology and business while captaining the women’s soccer team.

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