Course Overview

Executing global counterterrorism missions increasingly demand That elite military organization operate in environments of varying permissibility. Preparing operators to employ problem-solving tradecraft in commercial settings is vital to force protection. To this end, GRA Maven created the Integrated Tradecraft Course and Clandestine Target Reconnaissance-Entry Course and provides full-spectrum exercise support.

The Integrated Tradecraft Course (ITC) combines commercial and tactical tradecraft to best prepare the student for the modern operating environment. Understanding the standards and challenges to these types of activities is an exercise in risk management that has been honed by GRA Maven’s former senior intelligence officers and special operations members.

The Clandestine Target Reconnaissance-Entry Course (CTR-EC) was developed by former US and UK special operations members and intelligence officers to arm the clandestine operator with the latest physical intelligence collection capabilities. CTR-EC covers rural and urban CTR techniques, equipment employment, mission planning and execution.

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Realistic Urban Training

GRA Maven offers full-spectrum training needs analysis and delivery for both domestic and overseas Realistic Urban Training (RUT) exercises.

Key support areas include but are not limited to:

  • Full-spectrum planning and delivery with minimal client input
  • Force projection and equipment infiltration
  • Force protection advisory, liaison, and access
  • Border controls and challenges
  • Interactions with former ambassadors and senior intelligence officers
  • Tradecraft development and assessment
  • Infrastructure support
  • Role players fully trained in tradecraft

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