A close-quarters combat situation is one of the most dangerous and relentless situations that military and law enforcement professionals can encounter.  Many times, these take place in a compressed environment.  It can be a corridor, room, tunnel, or even inside a car. Possibilities in these situations are limited, and cause-effect actions occur rapidly.

To be successful, an operator must be comfortable with uncertainty. It requires immense intestinal fortitude to charge into a room with the depth of the threat unknown. Once you find an individual with this unique personality trait, the next step is to train your operator and teach them the principles and techniques required for close-quarters combat.

It is impossible to know exactly what threats are in a room and how the targets are dispersed. A former US Army special mission operator published an account of training a team of foreign national partners. To paraphrase, he wrote: “We hosted a country’s Tier One equivalent at our compound one year. I set up targets in one of our shooting houses. When I was done, the team leader brought his men on a walk-through of the shoot house, pointing out all the target locations to his men. ‘We are not allowed to go into a building unless we know the floor plan and the target dispersion,’ explained the team leader. Ah, then you will never go into a building.” He further stated, that in disbelief and curiosity, he removed one of the targets from the corner of the room, and a soldier still entered the room and fired into the empty corner.

The ability to operate in such a precarious environment and target discriminate with precision, is what separates the elite from the many, otherwise talented operators. What if a friendly non-combatant was now in that corner?

GRA Maven’s team is comprised of elite special operations warriors, who have set the standard and have proven success in combat and counterterrorism missions for many years. We can help prepare your team.

Our Close Quarters Combat (CQC) course is designed around proven principles and tactics that may be employed by counterterrorism commandos, law enforcement officers, and first responders. Emphasis is placed on initiative-based CQC techniques that enhance success in decisiveness and maneuverability. Emphasis will also be placed on single and multi-room scenarios, hallways, stairwells, and complex structure designs. During this program, students will conduct daily force-on-force scenarios and participate in a graded live exercise at the conclusion of training.

Throughout the course, we incorporate top notch instruction, focused on advanced rifle and pistol marksmanship, with emphasis on target discrimination and the core shooting skills needed for urban and close-quarters combat. Throughout this training, your team will learn how to properly transition from rifle to pistol, shoot while moving, and engage moving to ensure target identification.

If you would like to learn more about this training opportunity, please contact us today.