GRA Maven is committed to assessing your corporate risks, threats and vulnerabilities to help protect your most valuable assets. We do this through tailored and custom gap analysis while ensuring we deliver the best security strategy to lessen the impact on your business’s operations.

Our proactive approach involves thorough planning and continuous risk analysis. We leverage our extensive experience and partnerships to deliver effective security and protective solutions.

GRA Maven is an industry leader in providing end-to-end security solutions while maintaining strict confidentiality. This includes ensuring the highest caliber of specialized training and security offerings to our clients.


GRA Maven’s team of security experts use decades of proven techniques designed to identify risks, threats, and vulnerabilities, while challenging analytic assumptions and anticipating potential outcomes. Our in-depth understanding allows us to work with you to design a security solution that will help protect your employees, facilities, and assets.


Security training internal to an organization is the foundation of an impactful security program. Our courses meet these threats and ensure your employees are prepared for countless scenarios. Our foundational training provides real-world context on threat actors and the current operational risks that an organization may face from evolving threats. Each course is developed with mitigation techniques in mind and includes areas associated with both internal and external spaces of the workplace. Our training is designed to protect a business’s most valuable assets; its people.


Our protective services provide your company with more than just a bodyguard. Our team reviews, revises, and supplements your procedures to ensure the highest caliber of protection for your employees. We offer an unparalleled training package taught by prior secret service, military, and law enforcement professionals to ensure your internal protection specialists are prepared for their duty. We do this through a crawl-walk-run-based training package and finalize the training with real vignettes and scenario-specific culmination exercises.


Our protective intelligence services are devoted to providing a proactive analysis of a company’s risks, threats, and vulnerabilities. This is done through proactive research by our experts using programs and open source processes to identify risks and threats, while providing appropriate mitigation techniques to lessen the likelihood of an event. Protective intelligence is a foundational aspect of any good security program and enhances other security tools that companies are employing.

Our Approach

It comes as no surprise that organizations, pressured by a continuously changing threat landscape and increasingly sophisticated threat actors, are reacting defensively to remain agile and support their clients and customers across the globe. Their inability to successfully defend themselves is usually not due to a lack of resources, personnel, or experience. It is generally from a reactive posture and lack of real-time analysis. The modern threat landscape is simply too complex; it requires a strategy where businesses’ objectives and goals are met with a layered, proactive solution to mitigate risk.

Our proactive approach involves thorough planning and continuous risk analysis of your company’s assets. We leverage our extensive experience and partnerships to deliver effective security recommendations and protective solutions. In today’s world, it takes a team comprised of people who care deeply about protecting others. We fulfil this commitment by bringing a team together to ensure all facets of physical, human, and technical security elements are met.


Our partners put absolute trust in those they work with. And every day, it’s our mission to maintain that trust with our depth of experience, forward thinking, and unwavering priorities.