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Fire Operations Course

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Course Overview

The Fire Operations Course (FOC) is a unique training program that introduces the fundamentals of fire rescue to combat operations. Operating in deadly environments that involve fire and fire-related hazards is a reality that military and law enforcement personnel often face. Fire is an effective, inexpensive, and universally available weapon increasingly used by terrorists. Inadvertent vehicle and structural fires started by civilians or friendly forces are also common occurrences both on and off the battlefield. Yet due to the scarcity of live-burn facilities, this type of training has not been made widely available to the personnel who routinely encounter such scenarios. The FOC is taught by America’s foremost experts on fire rescue and overseen by former US Army Special Operations team members. Our goal is to provide military and law enforcement with realistic and challenging training in order to prepare them to face deadly fire-related environments in buildings and vehicles, and survive.

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Training Approach

Through challenging and realistic exercises that safely incorporate fire and smoke, the FOC gives each student extensive hands-on experience inside live burning structures. Students and teams are afforded opportunities to establish tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) specific to their operational specialties. All learning materials and training equipment will be provided by GRA Maven, however students are also encouraged to bring their own issued equipment to incorporate into training.

The FOC’s teaching topics and core learning objectives include:

  • History of security operations in burning structures
  • Structural fire familiarization
  • Interior and exterior structural assessment
  • Equipment familiarization
  • Ingress and egress techniques
  • Interior operations
  • Flashover training
  • Rapid and unconventional bailouts
  • CQB integration

nfpaUpon successful completion, graduates will receive a certification in accordance with National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) publications NFPA 1670: Technical Search and Rescue Incidents as well as NFPA 1983: Life Safety Rope and Equipment for Emergency Service.

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