Active shooter events have revealed just how woefully unprepared many organizations are for situations of elevated chaos. Statistically, organizations struggle to balance the unpredictable and rapidly-evolving risks associated with an active shooter event. Adding to the chaos of these situations is the patterned tendency among shooters to focus on soft targets, which are classified as any “person or thing that is relatively unprotected or vulnerable.” In these cases, active shooters tend to seek out concentrated groups of soft targets with the goal of maximizing their casualty count.

Despite the often-overwhelming chaos of these tragic events, there are steps to mitigate associated risks and thereby increase the likelihood of survival. GRA Maven’s team of experts can work with your organization to develop sophisticated training programs and customized security procedures capable of hardening your overall security posture. And a hardened approach to security is the surest safeguard against the dire threats of an active shooter situation. Even so, the effectiveness of this security approach will remain fundamentally tied to your organization’s focus on survival. This means a survivor mindset is absolutely critical when preparing for active shooter situations.

At GRA Maven, we understand that each organization is unique. Just so, organizations that rely on employee workforces are uniformly responsible for valuing the lives of their employees. In this way, your employees are your most important asset. With this in mind, we tailor our interactive, reality-based training to the precise scope of your employee network.  We then pair our experienced experts with your organization’s relevant departments (/staff members) to develop an optimal plan of action. The goal is to instill the fundamentals of leadership and survivalism that might increase your employees’ chances of surviving an active shooter scenario.

Recently, GRA Maven conducted active shooter training in North Carolina for some technicians who work for a large organization. During interactive discussions, the group articulated concerns that they have developed while at their assigned facility and when out in the field performing the day-to-day tasks associated with their position. The group identified existing vulnerabilities they face and discussed measures for possibly remedying them. While some of the challenges they face are common to many organizations, some were very specific to their roles as line-maintenance technicians. By understanding the technicians’ specific concerns, the GRA Maven team was able to develop appropriately illustrative examples and lessons for ways the technicians could more directly handle vulnerabilities.

This organization’s leadership with respect to security oversight rests on the understanding that a proactive approach is the best approach. As such, the participation of the employees in the training session was distinctly enthusiastic. Moreover, the organization’s staff members exhibited a collective eagerness for continued training. Unlike some organizations on the less-prepared end of the spectrum, this company is far from complacent with respect to its security posture. And so, as their network of employees clearly understands, active shooter threats are unfortunately very real and can happen regardless of the size, location, or industry of your organization. Being aware of your risks and understanding how to appropriately respond to them is essential for survival.

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