Today’s threat landscape is mired in volatility. Modern businesses face a myriad of threats to the safety of their personnel, clients, and assets. These threats stretch across all three domains of security: human, physical, and technical.

Many might wonder why it’s necessary to establish a protection program for executives and other employees. An organization’s most valuable asset is its people. It is the people that carry out the day-to-day operations of your business.  They maintain your image and reputation, as well as control and contribute to the intellectual property that your business possesses.

Everyone should enjoy the notion that they will come home to their family safely after work. It is the responsibility of a company to take proactive steps to ensure that is the case.

Unfortunately, there has never been a shortage of threats that can be encountered, whether it be assaults, kidnapping, or even natural disasters. The existence of threats should not paralyze us into inactivity, but prompt a proactive preparedness to mitigate its effects.

There are many benefits to establishing a program to protect your principals and other employees. The negative exposure of having an employee attacked while performing duties for your organization can be damaging to your reputation. The trust and confidence that you enjoy internally and externally can be reversed tremendously, especially if you fail to take steps to mitigate or stop the threat. It is beneficial to keep leaders and valuable employees in place for as long as possible to help your business prosper and thrive. If they are free from stress and maintain peace of mind that they are secure, they will be better able to carry out everyday responsibilities more productively.

There are tangible benefits to keeping employees safe. If employees feel cared for and protected, they are less likely to become disgruntled or worst case, become an insider threat to your organization. Unfortunately, insiders are frequently responsible for damaging organizations. From leaking proprietary information, to causing data breaches, or perpetrating outright sabotage; employees with hidden agendas have the access and ability to disrupt and even destroy your organization. Businesses who invest in their employees well-being help themselves mitigate the possibility of having trusted employees turn into malicious or troubled insiders.

Workplace threats are widespread, yet many organizations don’t have safety protocols in place. By establishing a protection program and addressing threats to your workforce, you illustrate to your employees and all stakeholders that you value their contributions and have a strong concern for their well-being.

How does an organization protect its personnel, assets, and customers from evolving threats, whether directed at its highest level of principals or at other employees? The most complete protection requires the support of the most seasoned professionals. GRA Maven’s Protection Advisory Services are carried out by one or more of our highly accomplished security experts. Drawing on experience, our security experts are able to offer strategic insight and practical advice tailored to the priorities of each client.

Therefore, our protective services extend not only to the client’s business and employees, but to their families as well. These services include (but are not limited to): Security Assessments, Travel Risk Assessments, Protection Training, Active Shooter Training, and Crisis Reaction Training.

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