We all do it— ignore something, forget it, or pretend it won’t be an issue. For example, maybe while studying for a test, we encounter a problem that is too difficult and we try to convince ourselves that it won’t be on the test. In doing so, we don’t prepare as well. Your position may require you to conduct a media interview, and there is always one hot topic where we find ourselves saying, “I hope they don’t ask that question.” These are the exact situations that we need to prepare for and respond to.

For many of us, the consequences aren’t dire if we take this approach. But if you are reading this, chances are that you are a different breed, face much greater challenges, and are always prepared for the task at hand. You don’t ignore tough problems and you deal with matters of life and death.

Fire has been used as a weapon throughout history.  Techniques such as flaming arrows and spears were likely the earliest forms of incendiary devices. Oil was heated to high temperatures and poured over the enemy, while combustible liquids were shot from catapults.  These tactics led to the eventual invention of gunpowder and cannons.

In recent history, there are numerous examples of criminals and terrorists using fire as a weapon.  In 2012, on the US Diplomatic compound in Benghazi, attackers deliberately spread fuel and set fires. The fire unquestionably complicated an already dangerous situation. The smoke and heat were unbearable, and it is said that this is likely what ultimately killed Ambassador Stevens.

GRA Maven’s Fire Survival Services was born out of the Benghazi experience and seeks to provide fire training to those that could find themselves in similar situations. Fire is an effective, inexpensive, and universally available weapon used by criminals and terrorists.  Unfortunately, military and law enforcement personnel rarely train for fire-related events.

Our Fire Survival Services are designed for top-tier military and law enforcement professionals.

We offer three different, custom-tailored courses to fit your needs.  If for some reason our current courses don’t fit your requirements, let us know and we will custom tailor a course just for you.

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