Course Overview

Fire survival is a critical and potentially life-saving skill set. Led by America’s premier fire rescue experts and former US Army Special Operations members, the Fire Survival Course (FSC) is designed for all military and law enforcement personnel and teaches students how to survive and rescue others from the fire and smoke-consumed buildings, vehicles, and homes. After completing the FSC, students will become proficient in providing life-saving support at the scene of a car accident, house fire, natural disaster, terror attack, or any other fire-related emergency situations on and off the battlefield.

Our goal is simple: provide military and law enforcement members realistic and challenging training to prepare them for the dangers associated with fires in already-perilous situations.

Training Approach

Through challenging and realistic exercises that safely incorporate fire and smoke, the FSC gives each student extensive hands-on experience inside live burning structures. Students and 
teams are afforded opportunities to learn from elite FDNY firefighters who guide them through every aspect of the training course. All learning materials and training equipment will be provided by GRA Maven.

FSC instructors are experts in complex terrain and technical rescue operations, including:

  • Casualty removal
  • Downed firefighter rescue
  • High-angle ropes and lead climbing
  • Mechanical breaching and forced entry
  • Elevator infiltration and operation
  • Heavy equipment rigging
  • Confined space and trench collapse operations
  • Advanced swift water rescue
  • SCUBA Municipal Rescue Diver
  • Advanced automotive extrication
  • HazMat II qualified

Upon successful completion, graduates will receive a certification in accordance with National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) publications NFPA 1670: Technical Search and Rescue Incidents as well as NFPA 1983: Life Safety Rope and Equipment for Emergency Service.

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