Physical penetration testing is a process used to gauge the existing security posture of an organization or facility. The purpose of this pre-emptive measure is to explore how certain shortcomings in a security program can become compromised and exploited by bad actors. Insights gained from penetration tests are then used to optimize how the organization secures its facilities, safeguards its staff, and protects its critical assets.

GRA Maven’s penetration testing services are carried out by security consultants whose expertise extends from the most rigorous training and intensive, real-world experience. In turn, GRA Maven is able to provide organizations with security solutions that are both practical and comprehensive.

Over the previous months, GRA Maven’s penetration testing services were requested by a client operating across multiple facilities in a major metropolitan region. GRA Maven’s security consultants worked with the client to identify possible target locations for a series of red-team penetration tests. The penetration tests were designed with the objectives of gaining access to each facility and then performing certain a set of tasks stipulated by request of the client.

Upon carrying out these penetration tests at each location, GRA Maven’s security consultants were able to discover critical vulnerabilities in the client’s existing security program. On the other hand, this also helped GRA Maven’s security consultants identify where and how the client could apply its most head-on security solutions. As a result, GRA Maven was able to offer recommendations that yielded immediate and substantial improvements to the overall security posture of the client’s operation.