Emergency events stemming from either natural disasters or malicious acts unfold without warning and often at a dramatic cost. Events like hurricanes, earthquakes, and even political unrest can have a devastating effect on the businesses operating in their radius. Occurrences of this nature tend to disrupt crucial lines of communication and strain operational cohesion. Under such rapidly deteriorating conditions, a company’s employees, assets, and neighboring communities can become exposed to threats of significantly heightened danger. In many cases, a company’s ability to remain viable in these situations depends on the effectiveness of its security policies.

By establishing a well-organized policy for emergency events, an organization can use clearly defined procedure to bolster its position against an uncertain future. For instance, an organization can designate Security Officers to serve as emergency contacts during times of heightened risk. As a result, employees are able to rely on clear lines of communication for regaining cohesion and coordinating with first responders during situations of disorienting chaos. An effective policy also streamlines the services and procedures that an organization relies on to navigate emergency conditions. Coordinating these efforts ensures that the company and its employees are all united behind the best possible measures for limiting exposure to risk. For example, an organization with a streamlined evacuation policy can adapt to a wider range of emergency scenarios and protect itself from an expanded pool of risks.

For this reason, GRA Maven has provided Policy Design & Review services to a diverse set of clients. Most recently, this has included a Fortune 500 company with operations in high-risk areas around the world. As a result of our Policy Design & Review services, the company was able to streamline clearer and more effective measures for safeguarding employees, assets, and its own continued viability.

That being said, GRA Maven approaches each organization according to its unique composition.

Our team of experts will meticulously review and analyze your current policies to assist in developing holistic, client-based, security protocols including Emergency Action Plans, Active Shooter Response, Live Hostage Scenarios, Bomb Threats, Security Awareness, and Information Security Procedures.

Our Policy Design & Review services are tailored not only to match the scope of our Clients’ operations, but also to provide the most effective measures for satisfying their unidentified policy needs. After all, an organization’s last line of defense against the chaos of a sudden high-risk event often comes down to the effectiveness of its security policies.