Tragedy has become an all too pervasive theme in today’s news headlines.  The commonality of indiscriminate shootings, kidnappings, and terrorist attacks can engender an altogether bleak outlook on the present state of reality. This is often coupled with a sense of detachment sustained by the false impression that tragedy occurs in a vacuum—until the day it affects us personally.


Common mistakes — The Problem

In an individual’s personal or professional life, encountering risk is an inevitability of any progression. Less inevitable, however, is the likelihood that the individual will take the time to deliberately assess each risk along the way. In more developed countries with visible enforcement agencies and larger population centers, an individual’s probability of encountering a severely compromising situation may seem statistically lower. This induces an overconfidence that can be remarkably costly with respect to personal safety.

Likewise, many businesses fail to properly recognize and remedy their own institutional vulnerabilities for the same reason. Here as well, lapses in recognition induce false impressions of safety at potentially terrible cost. Sadly, these costs often quantified according to property damages and/or loss of life. In order to avoid the terrible price of organizational complacency, the first step is to fully understand your most pertinent security risks. A physical security assessment can help you understand what risks you face, and more importantly, what you and your employees can do to prevent them.

Some organizations have operated under the presumption that security assessments are an unjustifiable luxury. Yet, this is a wildly irresponsible (if not outright dangerous) approach for an organization operating with any degree of proximity to the public sector. Moreover, this approach fails to account for the unpredictable timing and nature of risk factors. Adopting a measured process for identifying risk factors and implementing change could help avoid a major disaster. To this end, requesting a security assessment is the first step to developing a comprehensive risk mitigation strategy.

A risk assessment is the most responsible kind of preparation business leaders can undertake to improve the security of their organization, facility, and assets. On the other hand, it is almost just as important that the scope and depth of a security assessment match the caliber of organizational threats and vulnerabilities.  Otherwise, the result can be a poorly planned assessment that prescribes security measures incongruent with a Client’s actual ability to protect assets.

A holistic security risk assessment ensures that an organization or individual’s security measures can adequately protect against the most realistic threats. It also ensures that the security measures in question are sustained by a combination of appropriate policy and procedure. Ultimately, the best way to guarantee adequate protection against risk is with a security assessment carried out by professionals whose insights have been over years of experience in the field.


Security Assessments — The Fix

A security risk assessment will determine the current coverage of your organization’s security and provide a threat-based strategy for gauging progress toward a desired future state. The main objective is to deliver cohesive security measures with optimal practicability. The latter criterion dictates that any suggested security measure is uniquely tailored to the specific composition of your organization.

GRA Maven security professionals stand ready to help you improve the security environment of your organization. Our security professionals can help you streamline your security efforts from the initial strategizing stage to implementation. The main objective is to deliver cohesive, best practice security measures spanning across a potentially vast range of professional domains. In each case, these measures are devised according to the unique context and specific interests of your organization.

For a physical security policy to be successful, it must account for the type, size, and mission of your organization. This allows the strategic effect of a security system to contribute to your organization’s success while serving the needs of your customers. We offer full-spectrum experience in the performance of these assessments for virtually any industry and location.

Physical security risk assessment professionals can provide an objective and discerning account of your organization’s specific vulnerabilities. Such an account can also diagnose the likelihood of a security-related occurrence and the corresponding degree of negative impact thereby generated. Ultimately, security specialists can identify which physical security hazards pose the greatest threat and recommend actions that should be taken to mitigate them.


Return on Investment

With minimal upfront investment, improving your company’s safety and security measures offers a proportionally monumental payoff. Conducting a security assessment and enacting recommended changes will generate a benefit that extends well beyond the scope of physical security.

Assessing your risks and taking mitigating action against them can improve employee output, promote customer loyalty, and ultimately help your business flourish. The peace of mind employees gain when they see new security measures enacted to ensure their workplace safety is an invaluable commodity. Recognition among employees that an employer is willing to invest in the value of their safety can lead to measurable increases in workplace morale and associated standards of performance. Moreover, the way an organization emphasizes security strategies in response to the prospect of turmoil can condition elevated levels of awareness in employee behavior.  Consequently, as employees become increasingly familiar with security measures, they become empowered at the individual level to recognize risks in organizational proceedings.

When it comes to the security of your facility, a proactive and holistic approach is the cornerstone of effective strategy. Comprehensive security risk assessments are the most cost-effective assurance that your property, employees, and visitors will be well protected. If your workspace has yet to be assessed by security professionals, or if your organization faces emergent risk concerns, an evaluation of your current security posture is highly recommended. In conjunction with this evaluation, a strategy for mitigating associated risks will be devised.

At GRA Maven, our proactive approach involves diligent planning and tireless risk analysis. We are committed to assessing your corporate vulnerabilities and remedying them with a comprehensive, yet efficient security strategy tailored to the specifications of your business.  Contact us today to learn more.