GRA Maven’s team of security experts use decades of proven techniques designed to identify risks, threats, and vulnerabilities, while challenging analytic assumptions and anticipating potential outcomes. Our in-depth understanding allows us to work with you to design a security solution that will help protect your employees, facilities, and assets.


Knowing your risks, threats, and vulnerabilities is the foundation to developing an impactful security program.

Most organizations are not aware of what security risks they face and are not prepared to deal with the consequences.

GRA Maven’s team of highly experienced security experts use proven assessment methods and techniques, designed to identify threats and vulnerabilities, challenge analytic assumptions, and anticipate potential risk-based scenarios. We then use these results to develop a client-specific mitigation plan to reduce the risk.

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Well-organized policies and clearly defined procedures strengthen an organization’s position against an uncertain future.

Many organizations do not have written and documented policies and procedures in place that are communicated and understood by all members of the team.

The cornerstone to any organization’s security and safety is establishing and enforcing thorough and judicious security policies. The increasing threat of an active shooter or home-grown terrorist attack has forced many local and state governments to implement laws that require businesses to develop and rehearse security protocols. GRA Maven’s team of counterterrorism and security experts will evaluate your company’s policies and procedures and provide recommendations needed to meet compliance.

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Proactive assessments compliment defensive security assessments.

GRA Maven has the ability to provide penetration testing, designed to simulate a threat actor gaining access to client facilities and/or sites. We accomplish this by using highly trained former special operations personnel and law enforcement professionals who possess peerless expertise in this field. GRA Maven personnel use their experiences to perform the covert actions typically used by malicious criminals. This testing is extremely useful in identifying gaps in your current security programs.

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Physical penetration testing is a process used to gauge the existing security posture of an organization or facility.

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A unified and coordinated effort takes practice.

The ability to measure a client’s emergency response preparedness is critical for policy analysis. Without a custom-built, scenario-based evaluation tailored to the organization, it remains virtually impossible to know how prepared a response system is for incidents such as a natural disaster, terrorist attack, or an industrial or transportation accident.

GRA Maven has the experience and resources necessary to analyze a client’s plans, policies, and procedures as they apply to incident response and management. We then develop realistic scenario-driven incident response exercises to identify gaps in, or absence of, a client’s response plans.

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Understanding the message to deliver is vital during crisis situations.

Many organizations are not prepared to protect their brand and reputation during a crisis with sufficient communication policies and plans.

Shaping and preserving your public image involves extensive planning and perpetual care. Whether you are preparing for an emerging crisis, or responding to a developing situation, we can help your team prepare for threat-based risks to better protect your brand and reputation. GRA Maven’s team of experienced security experts have the skills and capabilities necessary to augment your current communications team.

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Security Audits

Security audits are performed by seasoned GRA Maven security professionals who possess the appropriate level of experience, knowledge, and training necessary. Our security experts work closely with the Client to determine the proper scope and direction of each audit. We then utilize our real-world proven methods and techniques to analyze your security policies and procedures to identify gaps, threats, and vulnerabilities in your existing security program.


Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

Many organizations possess highly sensitive, intellectual property that is subject to theft by threat actors planting technical devices to capture it.

Also known as a “bug” sweep, TSCM is a highly technical service that detects the presence of eavesdropping devices such as hidden cameras and microphones. The goal of a TSCM is to identify existing security breaches, potential weaknesses in technical security, and recommend mitigation steps necessary to reduce the risk.