Security training internal to an organization is the foundation of an impactful security program. Our courses meet these threats and ensure your employees are prepared for countless scenarios. Our foundational training provides real-world context on threat actors and the current operational risks that an organization may face from evolving threats.

Each course is developed with mitigation techniques in mind and includes areas associated with both internal and external spaces of the workplace. Our training is designed to protect a business’s most valuable assets; its people.


Our training experts come from various walks of life and have unprecedented experience in mitigating risks, threats and vulnerabilities. They come from Tier-1 Special Operations organizations, Law Enforcement and Federal agencies around the globe.


Our philosophy for meeting a company’s training needs is to understand what risks, threats and vulnerabilities the company truly has and then present factual, realistic and impactful training. From that, we develop a long-term strategy to ensure an impactful learning environment for employees, managers and executives.


Our training is tailored and customized to meet your security needs internal to the organization. We also understand that not all employees learn the same. With this in mind, our customizable training packages are developed with the companies we are supporting. We do this through on-site training or through learning management systems.


Active Shooter Response
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Insider Threat Mitigation
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Preventing Workplace Violence
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Incident & Crisis Management
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Employee Secure Travel
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Defensive & Evasive Driving