GRA Maven’s team of security experts use proven facility security assessment techniques designed to identify threats and vulnerabilities, challenge analytic assumptions, and anticipate potential outcomes. We ensure that your organization’s security vulnerabilities are examined from the perspectives of threat actors. GRA Maven’s analyses are also mindful of unintended consequences and risks to brand reputation that may result from a security crisis. We always conduct our assessments with the goal of mitigating risk to customers, employees, and company reputation to the greatest degree possible.


The cornerstone to any organization’s safety is establishing and enforcing thorough and judicious security policies. Furthermore, the increasing threat of an active shooter or home-grown terrorist attack has forced many local and state governments to implement laws that require businesses to develop and rehearse security protocols. GRA Maven’s team of counterterrorism experts and experienced legal counsel will evaluate your company’s policies and procedures and provide recommendations needed to meet compliance.

Our team of experts will meticulously review current policies and assist in developing comprehensive security protocol including: Emergency Action Plans, Active Shooter Response, Live Hostage Scenarios, Bomb Threats, Security Awareness, and Information Security Procedures.


At GRA Maven we strongly believe that crisis leaders should exist at every level of an organization, from executive board members to new hires. Our Incident Leader Development training focuses on developing and improving the employee mindset and management style, required to respond to extreme situations. Through a combination of classroom instruction and live scenario training, your organization’s staff will leave with a fundamental understanding of incident management. Using these fundamentals and focusing heavily on the recuperation process, our staff instills the skills your team needs to respond to and recover from an emergency.


A crisis often emerges without warning, and GRA Maven works with you to prepare for and respond to potential emergency situations, including security issues, terrorism incidents, and natural disasters. A meticulous crisis response plan ensures that you are ready in the event of a crisis. In addition to expertise in planning, GRA Maven also provides protection and support in response to a crisis. We maintain a global presence that enables us to respond to crisis situations anywhere in the world.


GRA Maven’s team reviews, revises, and supplements your existing standing operating procedures for executive protection. Our executive protection training package incorporates scenario-specific exercises, highlighting the best course of action to take in a range of different situations, both on and off company premises. We draw from our experiences responding to protective service detail, counter-assault training, active shooter situations and other high-risk scenarios to ensure maximum applicability for your security detail’s protection of the principle.


Professional organizations and their leaders face a myriad of risks when traveling abroad. The ability to identify threats and to avoid compromising situations are critical to maintaining physical and information security while on the road. Equipped with High-Risk Travel training, executives can travel with confidence, knowing that their valuable information and wellbeing are protected.

Developed by experienced former intelligence officers, military operations commandos, and law enforcement special agents, the High-Risk Travel Course represents the gold standard in required training for secure business travel.


GRA Maven’s security and counterterrorism experts evaluate your organization’s level of crisis preparedness by conducting an exhaustive analysis of your organization’s physical security, to reveal both strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s frontline defenses. GRA Maven’s tested and proven red-team penetration analyses highlight vulnerabilities from the perspectives of attackers, to test assumptions and reveal latent security deficits. Finally, using scenario-driven simulations designed to stress and test employees, we are able to assess the preparedness of your workforce’s response to a crisis.