• Provide the client with proactive, real-time threat intelligence information to gain situational awareness

Protective Intelligence

  • Client and authorities are well informed and risk is mitigated

The Challenge

A suspicious package was delivered to a client with cryptic and seemingly threatening markings. There was little identifying information on the box and the deliverer was unknown. The Fusion Center’s initial objectives were:

  1. Determine if a credible threat exists within the package itself, based on limited details of the physical package, sender, and contents.
  2. Identify the sender and expeditiously gather and exploit maximum information in order to notify and fully inform the authorities as required.
  3. Extrapolate any indicators and warning signs to develop a proper course of action for the client.

The goal was to rapidly gather, synthesize, and fully report information to accurately inform the client and law enforcement, so prudent decisions could be made with high confidence.

The Solution

The Fusion Center, using deliberate and open-source methods, rapidly and accurately identified the sender. The client and law enforcement personnel were provided specific background information, along with the pedigree details required to determine the next course of action. The seasoned Fusion analysts, given only limited details, coupled their experience with a proven step-by-step approach to aggregate data and determine that a credible threat existed.

The Outcome

The immediate, protective intelligence information provided by the Fusion Center informed the client and law enforcement personnel of an existing threat. As a result, risk-mitigating measures were promptly put in place. The situational awareness enabled law enforcement to conduct surveillance on the individual, who was later arrested on unrelated criminal charges, including assault and harassment.

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