Course Overview

The Tactical Motorcycle Course was developed by GRA Maven’s cadre of former UK and US special operations personnel who are experts in ground mobility. The course utilizes the enhanced mobility of a motorcycle as a force projection platform, delivering operators to target for reconnaissance purposes as well as to conduct or support direct operations. The course also trains riders how to effectively negotiate challenging terrain under CASEVAC or SERE scenarios.

The Tactical Mobility Course offers students the opportunity to train in a real world setting on a fleet of fully equipped motorcycles including BMW, Triumph, Yamaha and Ducati. Upon request, specific training evolutions and mission profiles can be developed to meet bespoke training requirements. The course may take place at the client’s own location or any of the following: USA, Canada, Europe, North Africa, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

Training Approach

The Tactical Motorcycle Course can accommodate up to 10 students of any skill level. Training is fully supported by a “mother ship” vehicle for its duration. Instructors guide challenging routes on- and off-road that focus on progressive rider development.

Topics covered by the Tactical Motorcycle Course include:

  • Review of safety and fundamentals
  • Vehicle preparation and maintenance
  • On- and off-road motorcycling
  • Extreme obstacle negotiation
  • Route planning and selection
  • Vehicle recovery and repair
  • Cultural profile and demeanor considerations
  • Pre-positioning and recovery planning

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