Course Overview

The Urban Climbing Course (UCC) is a unique training program designed and taught by former US Army Special Operations team members and elite rescue firefighters. Its objective is to safely provide special operations military and law enforcement personnel with realistic and challenging climbing training in order to prepare them to face the distinct hazards of conducting tactical rescue operations in large metropolitan areas. In contrast to traditional rural and alpine ropes courses, the UCC takes place at a variety of unique venues in New York City. From high-rise apartment buildings, skyscraper elevator shafts, and industrial complexes to sewer systems and public transportation networks, New York City presents an unparalleled training landscape and offers exciting new opportunities for any military or law enforcement team.

Training Approach

All UCC coursework is conducted at our live, exciting New York City climbing venues. This program relies heavily on hands-on practical exercises. All course equipment is supplied by GRA Maven, however, students are also encouraged to bring their own issued equipment to training.

The UCC’s teaching topics and core learning objectives include:

  • Climbing review and standardization
  • Ascent and descent techniques
  • Unconventional bailouts and expedient anchors
  • Recovery operations
  • High-angle ropes and lead climbing
  • Heavy equipment rigging
  • Confined space operations
  • Elevator shaft climbing and car operations

Upon successful completion, graduates will receive a certification in accordance with National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) publications NFPA 1670: Technical Search and Rescue Incidents as well as NFPA 1983: Life Safety Rope and Equipment for Emergency Service.

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